The fuller my experience of the world, the more I can narrow the psyche distance between everyone else and myself. 

Knowledge, Connection, and Faith are my motivators.


“During a photo shoot she expressed her love and interest in photography and I had offered my help to her in any way possible. She took me up on that offer and contacted me; from there I taught her some of the basics of photography [before she began her studies at the University]. She learned fast and wasn’t afraid to ask questions. I hired her as an assistant for quite a few jobs, where she performed very well and took initiative. She was on time, dressed for the job, and was very pleasant to have around clients. I would hire her again and recommend her.”

I would describe Olivia using the following words: thorough, talented, creative and resourceful. It has been a pleasure working alongside Olivia, I appreciate her attention to detail and for sharing her ideas with the team. Olivia is very task orientated. I am confident when Olivia is assigned a task that she will get the job done timely with thoughtfulness and creativeness.”

“Olivia is a multi-talented professional. She’s as comfortable behind a camera as she is in the code. She’s a hard-working dedicated young professional who doesn’t stop learning. She’s a pleasure to work with in my experience with her as my student.”

“Not only is her work so captivating and impactful, but between reading her artist statements and engaging in detailed conversation, it’s so clear how passionate she is about her work. It takes talent to be a good artist, it takes skill to be a unique artist, but it takes devotion to be a passionate artist; Olivia James is all three.”

Location: Muskegon, Michigan
Phone: (231) 903 - 7199

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